About Bison Blades and Jon Garcia

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About Bison Blades and Jon Garcia

Bison Blades provides premium custom knives to fellow hunters, outdoorsmen, and outfitters across America. The company’s founder is Jon Garcia who lives with his wife and three kids in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


A Message From Knifemaker Jon Garcia

I have had a love affair with knives since I was a little boy. My dad gave me my first knife at 8 years old when I was in Cub Scouts. He retired from the Navy (served 30 years) while we lived in San Diego and he was an outdoor enthusiast to say the least.

Jon Garcia knifemaker
Jon Garcia, Knifemaker

I was around knives and the outdoors my whole life. After my dad retired and moved to Montana, he had a knife made for me which still holds so much meaning. He has since passed on and while, I have kept every knife he’s ever given me, the idea that he had this knife custom-made just for me really makes it stand out among the others and it always makes me smile when I see it.

Since then, I discovered how much I love making knifes myself. I have had the privilege of making a few knives for my own kids: a bowie knife for my son Nate, who recently achieved his Eagle rank in Boy Scouts,  a dagger with Purple Heart wood for my daughter Kayla and my other daughter Chloe got a sweet little Damascus steel knife.

The way I see it, a knife is not just a weapon, it’s a tool. My dad got me into the outdoors – hunting, fishing, shooting, archery – and I hope to carry on this love for the outdoors to my own kids.

I love IdahoThis was the main reason my wife and I decided to move our family from California up to beautiful northern Idaho. This area of the country is such a majestic place and I feel privileged to live here. There is no shortage of trees, rivers, animals, hiking, clean air, four seasons, gun friendly…what else can a guy ask for? It reminds me of our founding fathers who taught us about the importance of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

One of the ways I aim to pursue my happiness is through this venture, Bison Blades. I have run other businesses in the past with my wife, and while we plan to start small, I feel this is something I can be happy doing for the rest of my life. I have learned a lot already about the craft of knifemaking and I know I still have a lot to learn, but I have lots of exciting plans and new designs for the future.

I called the company Bison Blades because nothing screams the old west like a buffalo. The American bison is big, strong, resilient and powerful – all the things I want to my knife company to represent.

I use only premium materials. My knives are very sharp and hold an edge. I offer unique options for the handles including bone, stag, buffalo horn, as well as exotic woods like Cocobolo and Chechen. I often use unique pins called mosaics and I have my sheaths custom made to order for each knife using high quality leather. There’s nothing worse than getting a kick-ass knife in a cheap flimsy sheath.

I am so happy to provide my fellow outdoorsmen with durable high-quality custom knives that they would be proud to own or give as a gift. It really is an honor to think that my knives could be special enough, not just to give as gifts, but also to be passed down from generation to generation – from fathers to their sons and daughters, from one good friend to another – who knows how many decades that knife will stay in the family…it truly is an honor.

Jon Garcia is a knifemaker and the founder of Bison Blades. He can be reached phone at (208) 651-8677 or via email at Jon@bisonblades.com. To view available knife options, go to All Knife Options page